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Checking Inventory.

Checking Inventory.

I hope the limb I’m leaping out on to isn’t just reserved for me, but how often do you catch yourself thinking, “Psssh! I have way too much stuff”? Only the next day to get ridiculously frustrated at your lack of clothes, the car you drive, gadgets, home decor, accessories, DVDs (do people still buy those) or my guilty go-to, shoes! 

This is an exercise that I thought of awhile ago while I was reading Flipping Burgers to Flipping Millions by Bernard Kelly, but I never got around to actually doing it (see, I’m human too). In the book, he talks about how much stuff we accumulate and one year challenged himself not to buy any new clothes (I know I thought the same thing, sheer insanity), and see if anybody noticed or even cared at all. 

The shocking result, they didn’t! Bernard ended up saving a whole bunch of money by switching to Geico! Wait, that’s not right. But seriously, he ended up saving a good amount of money by wearing the clothes he purchased and “liked” in the first place. Seems like we buy stuff, wear it, become obsessed with it, and then one day look at it with this disgusting look like it offended you, your family, and the good morals you stand for.

If you read my last post, 31 Things You Should Know About Me (or have known me “ever”), I openly admit to having a clothes problem. In my defense, I take very good care of my clothes and keep a lot of stuff for a long time (unless it comes from H&M).

Anyway, this whole week I’ve been going through my closets and trying to organize things a little better. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it a Spring Cleaning, maybe more of a Fall Rearranging. But while I did it, I kept track of everything I have and have decided I’m not allowed to get anything new until Ava is in college. Sheesh, when you actually put a number to the things you have it’s pretty scary. 

Now before I get into the numbers, please understand that I am not trying to showout, brag that my closet is lit, my shoe game is on fleek or any other catchy lingo you heard in a song that featured Migos. If anything, I’m writing this post with my tail between my legs. When I make videos, write blog posts, or upload quotes and pictures, it’s simply to encourage you to think outside the box and challenge our (yes, you and I) comfortable way of thinking. The last thing I’ll say is I didn’t list everything because well you don’t have that kind of time, and I try to keep these under a certain number of words!

Marques’s Stuff:

4 suits, 5 blazers, 4 dress pants, 5 jeans (not including a bunch of joggers), 14 dress shirts, 6 flannels (you would think 2 or 3 would be enough), 3 more long sleeve button up shirts, 7 short sleeve button ups, 10 polo shirts (3 of which are for golfing, which is about the number of times I play per year), 9 sweaters, 7 pairs of dress shoes, enough socks to fill Express, 21 hats, 7 watches, and 20 other pairs of shoes ranging from Sperry Top-Siders, Nikes, Adidas, Timberlands, Vans, New Balance, Jordans, and probably my favorite all around shoe…Chuck Taylor’s.

Mathematically, I think I have as many outfits as potential March Madness brackets. And this stings a little to write, but I think I take a lot of my stuff for granted. Not consciously, but I do. I have to or otherwise I wouldn’t catch myself complaining about what other people have or feeling like my “stuff” isn’t good enough. My dad had two pairs of shoes growing up, one for school, and one to play in. He survived. Now, ironically, as I sit here and think about it I bet my dad has more dress shoes than I do.

This is the world we live in folks.

When a business needs to replenish the first thing they do is check their current inventory. Typically they will only purchase what they need. Otherwise, they end up with a surplus that just sits on the shelves (cough, cough like a lot of our stuff). Do we truly need half of the stuff we actually have?! I mean realistically, I’ll probably keep buying more stuff. Although I’ve always felt like I’ve done a decent job with this, I want to do a better job of thinking about my inventory and work to make smarter financial decisions.

Look I’ll raise my hand first, we all have a right to buy whatever we want! I’m not challenging that at all. In actuality, I’m calling myself out and wanting to see if anybody else will throw themselves under the bus with me. No? Ughh…well at the very least, maybe you can start thinking of some names and then email this post to all of them around Christmas. Could be a great way to finally show em’ that they don’t really “need” anything else this year!

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